Our Services

At Riddhi Builders, we offer a comprehensive range of construction and renovation services to meet all your needs. Whether you’re looking to build a new home, renovate an existing space, or require specialized services, our skilled team is here to deliver exceptional results. Explore our key services below:

Building Construction​

Our building construction services encompass everything from initial design to the final touches. Whether you’re constructing a residential home, commercial building, or industrial facility, we ensure that your project is completed to the highest standards of quality and safety. Our team handles every aspect of the construction process, including site preparation, foundation work, structural framing, and finishing.


Transform your existing space with our expert renovation services. We specialize in updating and improving residential and commercial properties, offering solutions that enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal. From kitchen and bathroom remodels to complete home makeovers, we work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Roof Work

Protect your property with our professional roofing services. We offer roof installation, repair, and maintenance to ensure that your roof is durable and weather-resistant. Our team is experienced with various roofing materials, including shingles, tiles, metal, and more, providing tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.


Enhance the beauty and durability of your interiors with our flooring services. We provide a wide range of options, including hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, and carpet. Our experts ensure precise installation and flawless finishes, helping you choose the best flooring to complement your space.


Elevate your outdoor spaces with our professional gardening services. From landscape design to planting and maintenance, we create beautiful, functional gardens that enhance your property's curb appeal. Our services include lawn care, flower beds, tree planting, irrigation systems, and more.

Wood Work

Add a touch of elegance to your interiors with our custom woodwork services. Our skilled craftsmen specialize in creating bespoke furniture, cabinetry, and intricate wood details that enhance the character of your home or office. Whether it’s a custom-built bookshelf, kitchen cabinets, or decorative wood elements, we deliver precision and artistry in every piece.

Electrical Work

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems with our comprehensive electrical services. We handle everything from new installations and upgrades to repairs and maintenance. Our services include wiring, lighting, outlets, switches, circuit breakers, and safety inspections, all carried out by our certified electricians.

Plumbing Works

Our plumbing services cover all your needs, from installation and repairs to maintenance. We address everything from minor leaks and clogged drains to major plumbing system overhauls. Our services include pipe installation and repair, fixture installation, water heater services, and water quality solutions.

Why Choose Riddhi Builders?


Our years of industry experience ensure that we bring expertise and reliability to every project.


We are committed to delivering superior quality craftsmanship in all our services.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We work closely with you to ensure your needs are met.

Comprehensive Solutions

From design to completion, we offer a full range of services to handle all aspects of your project.

Affordable Pricing

We provide competitive pricing without compromising on quality, ensuring value for your investment.